To keep abreast of planning on your area you can check the City of Edinburgh Council’s planning portal where postings are placed each week. Merchiston Community Council straddles parts of Wards 9 and 10 but it’s often useful to check what is happening in neighbouring wards, like Grange or Gorgie-Dalry. It’s worth noting that planners are only obliged by law to notify ‘neighbours’. But that’s a very narrow section of people potentially affected by a development. Especially a major development. Merchiston Community Council is a statutory consultee for all planning applications. Mairianna Clyde is lead on all planning and so on behalf of the Community Council she scrutinises all applications relating to our area, sets up site visits if appropriate, and decides whether a formal MCC response is required. In the case of major developments, the Community Council would organise a special public meeting and invite residents most likely to be affected. Planning is also a standing item at our regular meetings. Any local resident is welcome to contact us about any planning issue and/or comment on any development application regardless of the Community Council’s response. City of Edinburgh Council’s Planning Portal

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