Areas of Responsibility

Each Committee member has areas of responsibility and they are as follows.

  • Planning/HMOs — Mairianna Clyde
  • Licensing —Bridget Stevens
  • Health — Frances Hawarden and Ian Clement
  • Communications — Ian Doig, Vivien Kitteringham, Guillaume Evrard and Ewan Klein
  • Social media — Daniel Cairns
  • Edinburgh Association of Community Councils — Tom Graveson
  • George Watson’s College Community Liaison Group — Joan Houston and Bridget Stevens
  • Astley Ainslie Community Engagement Group — Helen Zealley

South Central Neighbourhood Partnership

  • South Central Neighbourhood Partnership Board — Bridget Stevens and Guillaume Evrard
  • Capital Roads Fund — Frances Hawarden with Bridget Stevens
  • Friends of the Meadows & Bruntsfield Links (FOMBL) — Bridget Stevens
  • Area walkabout – Jim Geekie

South West Neighbourhood Partnership

  • South West Neighbourhood Partnership Board — Tom Graveson with Daniel Cairns
  • Transport and Environment Forum — Ted Tate
  • Funding Panel — Ian Doig
  • Area walkabout — Tom Graveson
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