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“City for Sale” public summit

On Wednesday 22nd January, several Merchiston Community Council members attended the “City for Sale” public summit at Central Hall, Tollcross, organised by the Cockburn Association.  The event was a public discussion of the commodification of Edinburgh’s public spaces.  You can read a report in the Edinburgh Evening News: More than 700 attend meeting to discuss use of Edinburgh’s green spaces amid Underbelly concerns

The event was very well attended, and there were many interesting (and often concerning) points raised by attendees.

The conversion of public space used by citizens and the community into commodities for private profit is an issue that affects every part of Edinburgh.  In and around the Merchiston area, we are currently concerned about:

  • the establishment of “boatels” on the Union Canal directly in front of Boroughmuir High School
  • the future of the gardens of the Astley Ainslie Hospital: community park, or private grounds?
  • Signature Pubs’ erasure of the long-standing pedestrian right of way across the front of their McLarens pub at Holy Corner

As a community, how can we develop a mutually-beneficial relationship between Edinburgh’s residents and its tourism and hospitality industry?  Do you have any suggestions for Merchiston Community Council or issues that you wish to raise with us?  Please contact us via e-mail or social media, and consider attending our meetings.

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