Coronavirus update 7 & other news from Councillor Neil Ross

Below is a copy of information from our Morningside Ward Councillor, Neil Ross

Braidburn Terrace becomes a one-way street
The Council has issued another temporary traffic order, this time to make Braidburn Terrace one way for vehicles from Comiston Road to Braid Road, i.e. for eastbound traffic.  This is to make social distancing easier by reducing the incidence of conflicts between vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. 

The order applies from today to 28 May.  It could also allow better co-ordination of the Greenbank Crescent/Comiston Road traffic lights with the lights at Greenbank Drive/Comiston Road and is in line with the permanent change to one way in the same direction that has already had lengthy public consultation. I have asked for appropriate signage to give advance warning to traffic approaching from the east.

Bruntsfield Place/Comiston Road/Marchmont Road/Morningside Road
Concerns have been raised about difficulties for shoppers with social distancing when restrictions are relaxed and shops are allowed to re-open.  I have been meeting with community representatives and other ward councillors to begin exploring the sort of measures that might help.  If you have any suggestions for simple, practical initiatives, please let me know. 

Proposals to aid social distancing across the cityThe Council has published proposals to aid social distancing for locations across the city to be debated at a meeting next Thursday.  These proposals include

– Creating more space for pedestrians and cyclists on Braid Hills Drive and reducing the speed limit;
– Installing bus gates on Bank Street, East Princes Street, North Bridge;
– Closures of Waverley Bridge, Victoria Street and Cockburn Street;
– Pavement widening on George IV Bridge, the Bridges & Morrison Street;
– Reduction in waiting times at light-controlled pedestrian crossings;
– Reduction in the number of bus stops to speed up bus journeys.

You can read more about this here.  The report is item 6.8 on the meeting agenda.

Braid Road Closure More advance warning signs of the closure have been placed on Cluny Gardens at the junctions with Midmar Avenue, Braid Avenue and Hermitage Gardens.  I have asked for additional signage from the south and measures to encourage safe cycling.

Road Safety Improvements on Braid Road
I have written to the Council to congratulate the contractor for not only tidying up but finishing the pedestrian islands at the Braid Hills Road/Braid Road crossroads and removing the traffic lights.  Unfortunately, Morrison Utilities has extended their works and installed a new set of four-way traffic lights.

There are further safety improvements to be made on Braid Road at the Riselaw Crescent junction, a pedestrian island near the Braid Hills Path exit, as well as further road re-surfacing and pavement improvements and the addition of line markings.  I am waiting to hear when these might be done.

Follow the Rainbows
An Edinburgh-based all girl band, Hanley and the Baird, has released an upbeat song about Covid-19 called ‘Follow the Rainbows’.  It is currently doing well in the Official Download Charts and all the proceeds raised go to SAMH, the Scottish Association for Mental Health.  Hanley and the Baird are the band that play alongside the Sing in the City choirs.  You can listen to the song on Spotify and Youtube  You can find out about Sing in the City here.

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