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The Council has issued detailed plans for temporary changes to Morningside Road and Bruntsfield Place.  The objective is to create more space for people to aid social distancing without impeding the flow of traffic.  They essentially mean removing parking spaces in order to widen pavements.  This makes sense as people need the confidence to return to their local shops and businesses.  They also include some provision for cyclists with segregated cycle lanes potentially coming in a second phase. 

I think it is important to get this right for pedestrians and also to ensure these schemes work for buses, so I have written to Lothian Buses to get their view.  I am a little sceptical about whether there is enough room for cycle lanes but I would like to see greater availability of short-term parking on side streets.

I have posted photos of the plans on my Facebook page  The Council is looking for comments and they should be made to  The plans were issued separately and the time for comments is very short.  The deadlines are

Morningside Road – 12 noon on Friday 10 July

Bruntsfield Place – 2.00pm on Tuesday 14 July

I am happy to listen to comments on these proposals but, given the shortness of time, I suggest you comment directly to the Council’s Spaces for People team.

Temporary Cycle Lanes for Pentland Terrace
The Council has also issued proposals for temporary segregated cycle lanes on both sides of Pentland Terrace (Comiston Road) from Greenbank Church south to Fairmilehead.  The plans involve moving bus stops, removing some parking spaces and appear to restrict bus lanes. 

I have posted photos of the plans on my Facebook page  The Council is seeking comments and they should be made to  The time for comments is very short.  The deadline is 12 noon on Tuesday 14 July.

Braid Road Safety Improvements Restart
The Council’s contractor will restart the road safety improvement works on Braid Road on Monday 13 July.  These will involve finishing the pedestrian islands at the Braid Hills Road crossroads, narrowing the junction with Riselaw Crescent and installing a pedestrian island and a pavement build out at the Braid Hills path exit, as well as some resurfacing and line painting.

Re-open Braid Road to Local Traffic
Braid Road has been closed for just over two months.  By all accounts it has met its objective, as people have had the space to socially distance on their way to and from the Hermitage.  The final result of my survey of local opinion was 60–40 in favour of re-opening the road.  Given further relaxations of lockdown, more people are on the move so I think the priority should change to allow local people access to and from Morningside on Braid Road once again. 

I am very keen for the existing plans to go ahead for the section of the road between Braidburn Terrace and the Hermitage.  These include installing a pedestrian & cycle crossing, removing the mini-roundabout, widening the pavements and raising the road surface.  In addition, I would also like to see provision of disabled parking bays just inside the Hermitage and a segregated cycle lane and parking restrictions up to the hotel, with a traffic calming chicane to reduce traffic speeds.

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