Donation to North Merchiston Club to support break-in recovery effort

Merchiston Community Council (MCC) continues to support its local community despite the COVID-19 crisis. Public meetings of MCC have been cancelled due to this, however MCC’s work continues, including: cooperating with residents, City of Edinburgh Council and other public services, community organisations and businesses.

MCC Committee Members were shocked to hear of the recent break-in at North Merchiston Club. The Club is a respected local organisation providing much-needed community activities for children and adults including sports, fitness and arts activities, birthday parties, a football club for young adults, meeting room hire and a community café. The Club has served generations of Merchiston residents for nearly a hundred years, from young children all the way up to adults and parents. 

MCC was delighted to receive recognition from North Merchiston Club last week – showing their appreciation for the two hundred pounds donation from MCC.

In a press statement, MCC Chair Ian Doig said that:  

“North Merchiston Club provides much-needed services and is greatly appreciated by residents. The Club was already struggling financially so the dreadful break-in and vandalism they sustained could cause the Club real problems if it is not supported. MCC therefore has made a donation of £200 to North Merchiston Club to help compensate them for the vandalism damage and cash loss they suffered, estimated to cost in total thousands of pounds. MCC hopes this donation will encourage others to donate and support the Club”.

North Merchiston Club are, of course, still looking for donations! We encourage people to donate through their JustGiving Page:

Thank you, and take care. 

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1 thought on “Donation to North Merchiston Club to support break-in recovery effort”

  1. A donation to the North Merchiston Club will go a long way in supporting their break-in recovery effort. Let’s come together as a community to help them get back on their feet and continue providing valuable services to the youth. Your generosity makes a difference!

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