Esh Communities 2016-2017 grant scheme

Esh Communities was set up in 2012 to distribute Esh’s Charitable Trust grant support fairly and equally across Esh operating regions. Since its formation the Esh Charitable Trust has granted over £100,000 to good causes improving the lives thousands of people.

Esh Communities accepts grant applications from any community group, charitable organisation or social enterprise which can demonstrate the aptitude and ability to make a real difference to their service users.

Applicants complete a simple online application for a grant of between £50 and £1000. If successful the first half of the funding is issued by cheque and the second half when a member of Esh Group staff visits four months later.

All visits are carried out by a local Esh Group employee allowing us to learn more about people and issues in the areas we work.

Closing date for applications is 27 January 2017.

More information on the website of Esh Communities (external link)

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