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In this email you will find details about:
Braid Road and the Braid Estate
Bruntsfields St Oswald’s
Boroughmuir High School
The Astley Ainslie Hospital 
The Sick Kids Hospital
Sunday Parking Controls in the City Centre

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Scottish Parliament Election
I don’t normally include much party politics in these emails, but I am your Scottish Liberal Democrat councillor and would like to encourage you to back the Lib Dem plan to put recovery first (rather than another referendum) – especially by voting Lib Dem on the regional list.  You can read more about our plans here.

Council plans for Braid Road & the Braid Estate
The Council has consulted local councillors and others on its plans to re-open Braid Road to southbound traffic and to make changes in the Braid Estate designed to enhance the cycle route and to discourage through traffic.  These changes involve modal filters and alterations to priorities at several junctions – you can view the concept plans here. The Council has made a few changes to their concept plans and agreed my requests to re-instate parking for residents of Braid Road, between Braid Hills Road and the hotel, and to improve access to the hotel. Implementation in the Braid Estate starts today with Braid Road expected to re-open to southbound traffic from 16 April.

Community takes possession of St Oswald’s Church and Hall
On behalf of the community, Bruntsfields St Oswald’s has taken possession of the former St Oswald’s church and hall in Montpelier Park.  The purchase was enabled under the Community Empowerment Act 2015 and supported by a generous grant from the Scottish Land Fund.  The plan is to turn the building into the St Oswald’s Centre, a facility for children, their families and wider community use.  You can read more here.

Work starts on Boroughmuir High School Extension
Work will shortly begin on the extension to Boroughmuir High School with completion planned for August 2022.  The school is currently over capacity. You can read more here

Further delays from the NHS on Astley Ainslie
The Astley Ainslie Community Engagement Group reports that the NHS no longer has a timetable for leaving the site and instead a new business case is to be produced.  You can read more here.

Old Sick Kids Hospital site progress
Following the RHSC move to Little France, NHS Lothian will decommission the site over the next two to three months.  The developer Downing Group is expected to start work in July/August.  Information on Downing Group’s plans is here and on the new RHCYP is here.

Changes to Parking Controls in the City Centre
From 11 April new parking controls will be introduced on Sundays between 12.30pm and 6.30pm for City Centre zones 1 to 4.  For zones 1 to 8, there will be more shared use parking bays and visitor parking permits are now available.  You can read more here.

How to report an overflowing bin (communal and litter)
You can report a full or overflowing communal street bin here and report litter, fly-tipping or an overflowing litter bin here.Thank you for reading this. If you know anyone else who might be interested to read this, please feel free to forward it.  If you have received this via a friend, and would like to receive it direct, please contact me on the address below and ask to be added to my circulation list.

You can email me at: neil@edinburghlibdems.org
Or phone: 07738 116055
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