Make your voice heard: Upcoming Consultations

There are a number of ongoing consultations which may be relevant to residents of Merchiston. Please take advantage of these opportunities to make your views known. We have listed them here, according to the urgency of the deadline.

Zone 8 Parking Action Plan: Closes 22 Nov 2019

The proposed changes are given in terms of maps, which require some interpretation. Changes appear to include the following:

  • converting several stretches of single yellow line to shared permit-only or meter spaces
  • converting several existing permit-only spaces to shared use

See also TRO/19/29.

Draft Edinburgh Tourism Strategy 2030: Closes 30 Nov 2019

The third and final phase of the Edinburgh 2030 Tourism Strategy process builds on the findings of the research and analysis completed in Phase 1 and the consultations undertaken in Phase 2.  Working with strategy partners and informed by the outputs from Phases 1 and 2, a draft Edinburgh Tourism 2030 Strategy has been created.

This initial draft is a high-level strategy which identifies the strategic priorities for the city’s tourism sector between 2020 and 2030. It does not identify specific actions, rather it sets out the general principles and themes emerging from the process to date.  The purpose of this Consultation is to test and seek feedback and views on the direction of travel, ahead of the Strategy being launched in February 2020.  Thereafter the focus will shift to developing more specific action plans.

Marchmont, Meadows & Bruntsfield Conservation Area Character Appraisal: Closes 16 Dec 2019

The analysis of the Marchmont Meadows and Bruntsfield Conservation Area’s character and appearance focuses on the features which make the area special and distinctive. These are considered in terms of Historical Origins and Development; Structure; Key Elements; and Management.

One of the key questions in the consultation is: Do you think the management section of the character appraisal helps to preserve or enhance the special character or appearance of the area in respect of assessing development proposals?

Annual Review of Major Events in Parks 2018/19 and Consultation on Future Events: Closes 18 Dec 2019

Edinburgh parks play host to a huge array of events every year and we recognise that there is a balance to be struck between those who wish to host events, those wanting to enjoy them and those whose everyday lives are either enhanced or impacted in some way. In addition, we need to ensure that the quality of the parks and greenspaces across the city are maintained to the highest possible standard

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