2021 June Agenda


Tuesday 15th June 2021. 7.00pm–9.00pm by Zoom


David Spaven, Living Streets Edinburgh, will present an overview of the Polwarth Streets Audit.

Background to Presentation

Following our city-wide ‘Cut the Clutter’ report — Living-Streets-Edinburgh-Cut-The-Clutter – and our audit of Spaces for People interventions along the Tollcross-Morningside corridor, four of our local supporters undertook a street audit in Polwarth in late November.

We focussed on the sprawling roundabout where Polwarth Gardens and Polwarth Crescent converge, and on the associated ‘rat run’ along Polwarth Crescent and Yeaman Place. We identified a wide range of problems faced by pedestrians at a large number of locations (38) along a relatively short length of street corridor. The most frequent problem was narrow pavements which fail to meet the City Council’s own ‘Street Design Guidance’. Overall, we found that the general dominance (speed, volume, noise etc) of motor traffic makes this a largely unpleasant place for pedestrians. The biggest concentration of pedestrian-unfriendly features are at and around the roundabout – and we advocate a major reduction in carriageway space here to make this a much more attractive place to live, shop, work, and linger.

We hope that our report will stimulate discussion among local people and at Merchiston Community Council – and lead on to action by the City of Council to make pedestrian safety and convenience the top priority locally.

Business Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome and introduction by Chair.
  2. Declaration of Interests. Apologies for Absence (for noting).
  3. Minutes of Previous AGM on 15th September 2020 (for approval).
  4. Annual Report by Chair (for noting).
  5. Annual Accounts for Financial Year ended 31st March 2021 (for approval).
  6. Office Bearers for 2021-22 – Proposals (for decision).
  7. Associate Members from local educational establishments 2021-22 (for approval)
  8. Any Other Business.
  9. Future Public Meeting Dates, 2021: 21st September, 19th October, 16th November (no public meetings in July, August and December).
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