2021 March Agenda


Tuesday 16th March 2021. 7pm to 9pm by Zoom



  1. Welcome and Introduction – Ian Doig, MCC Chair
  2. Minutes of Public Meeting on 16th February (for approval), and Matters Arising
  3. Chair’s Report – Ian Doig (for noting)
  4. Licensing Report – Bridget Stevens (for noting)
  5. Planning Report – Mairianna Clyde (for noting)
  6. Transport Report – Peter Brett and Michael Lugton (for noting)
  7. Leaf Clearing Project in Autumn 2021 – Joan Houston (for noting)
  8. Communal Bins Overflowing and Barbeque Damage in Parks – Bridget Stevens
  9. Speeding Complaints: Ashley Terrace and Elsewhere – Vivien Kitteringham
  10. Treasurer’s Report – Frances Hawarden (for noting)
  11. CEC City Councillors’ Reports (for information and questions)
  12. Issues Raised by Residents, and Other Reports – Open Forum
  13. Any Other Business
  14. Action Points – Review of actions outstanding by Secretary – Daniel Cairns
  15. Future Public Meeting Dates: 18th May, 15th June, 21st September, 19th October, 16th November (no public meetings proposed in April, July, August and December).
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