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Spaces for People – ETROs open for comments

As mentioned in my most recent email about the changes to Braid Road, the Council has continued the Spaces for People schemes with a set of ETROs (experimental traffic regulation orders) lasting up to 18 months.  The Council’s aims for the schemes include encouraging more people to switch to sustainable ways to travel, making it safer to explore the local area and improving road safety.

  • For the S6 Quiet Corridor Meadows/Greenbank, which winds its way from Whitehouse Loan to Braidburn Terrace, the Council has said it will “engage with the local community during the ETRO period to better explore scheme successes, issues and concerns prior to reporting back to Committee.” I am trying to arrange site visits for Council officers to hear from local residents and to see how the scheme is operating, especially after Braid Road re-opens to two-way traffic.
  • For the S8 Comiston Road scheme, the Council will monitor bus journey times in the expectation that queue lengths will reduce and the additional bus lane may not be required. Loading prohibitions should be removed to ease deliveries and passenger pick-ups and drop-offs.
  • The S9 Braid Road scheme is currently being adjusted to allow two-way traffic on the one-way section.

formal consultation has started for the ETROs lasting six months till 20 May 2023.  Plans of the schemes are available here.  This may be the last opportunity to object before the Council decides whether to make any or all of these schemes permanent.  More information is available here.

When commenting you should include your name and address, the schemes you are objecting to, along with any specific locations, and the grounds for your objection.  You should also quote the ETRO reference number ‘TRO/21/29’.  I suggest copying in all ward councillors.  You can submit objections either by email to or in writing to Traffic Orders, Place, 3.3 Waverley Court, 4 East Market St, Edinburgh, EH8 8BG.  If you commented in the informal consultation in June, I strongly recommend commenting again, as previous comments will not be carried over.

Making homes in Conservation Areas more resilient to climate change

Many residents ask me how they can make their homes more energy efficient and more resilient to the weather effects of climate change when the Council’s planning rules for Conservation Areas are so restrictive.  My Lib Dem colleague Councillor Osler, who sits on the Planning Committee, successfully tabled a proposal recently to invite residents to engage with the Council to address these challenges.  I will publicise the consultation when it goes ‘live’.  You can read more about this at item 11.1 on the meeting agenda here.

Leaf Clearing in Merchiston

“Well done!” to the many residents in Merchiston who have been out on the streets during the autumn clearing leaves.  These local efforts to keep pavements and gullies clear of leaves have been organised by Merchiston Community Council with equipment provided by the Council.  You can read more about this here.

Polwarth Pavement Project

Members of Merchiston Community Council have also been out on the streets in Polwarth, (Yeaman Place and Polwarth Crescent up to the roundabout) surveying local residents about possible pedestrian improvements to the area.  You can find out more and comment here.

Craighouse path update

It looks like remedial works on the path are nearly finished.  The latest update from the Council suggests that topsoiling and tree works have been done, with some tree planting to come later.  Path reinstatement works are scheduled for this week.

What should local Police priorities be?

Edinburgh’s local police are seeking the views of residents on what their priorities should be for 2023 to 2026.  The survey is open till 12 February next year and can be accessed here.

More 20mph roads – have your say

The Council has proposed extending the number of roads subject to a 20mph speed limit to include Greenbank Drive and Glenlockhart Road, parts of Colinton Road and the remaining part of Polwarth Terrace, amongst other streets.  The consultation is open till 8 February next year and can be accessed here.

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