Not a good look — update on Polwarth Roundabout

Photo of car making dangerous turn on Polwarth roundabout

Thanks to all of you who commented on our draft report on the Polwarth Roundabout.  We have been busy revising the report before submitting it to the City of Edinburgh Council.  No one has challenged the survey results or our recommendations.  If anything, you have encouraged us to be even bolder.

We also received helpful comments from Police Scotland. The community police officer says the layout of the roundabout encourages speeding and creates risks for pedestrians trying to cross the various arms of the intersection; it also heightens the risk of vehicle collision. He says:

There is no infrastructure in place at the junction to enhance the safety of vulnerable road users [pedestrians and cyclists].

Our Ward Councillors support our analysis and proposals.  We are meeting two of them — Cllr Mandy Watt and Cllr Neil Ross — early next month to discuss how best to ensure progress.  Council officers have commended the Community Council on its engagement with the neighbourhood, but resource issues — as ever — loom large.  

The Council’s current large programmes of junction and neighbourhood improvement involve projects that were identified more than two years ago.  It’s doubtful we can be shoehorned into those at this stage; but we remain hopeful that many of our proposals (which could be achieved with relatively modest expenditure) can be taken forward in the short to medium term.  

What makes us unusual (in a good way) is that the Polwarth Roundabout project is one of very few neighbourhood improvement projects which is community-driven.  That strengthens our case — and reflects the support that YOU have given us.  Thank you. 

 As ever, WATCH THIS SPACE! for more news.  

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