Places and Communities: Envisioning Edinburgh after Covid-19

Artistic interpretation of Edinburgh street o reflect the idea of the citizens of Edinburgh collaborating to find a way forward after lockdown.
Illustrator Katie Quinn’s interpretation of Daisy Narayanan’s future vision of Edinburgh

In a recent blog post Shaping a resilient future for Edinburgh, Daisy Narayanan has raised questions on what might be Edinburgh’s “new normal” in the wake of Covid-19:

As we look ahead to the next few months, Edinburgh’s citizens will need to build individual and collective resilience to deal with significant challenges. How we continue to maintain our human connections whilst staying physically distant will be one of the most significant issues we need to address.

We need a public discourse on the connection between better public spaces and economic recovery, and the recognition that making space on our streets for walking, cycling and wheeling is central to getting the city reconnected and back on its feet.

The article is one of a series hosted by Edinburgh Living Lab on “how places shape communities and vice versa”. Many of the articles will be accompanied by a live Tweet Up event (= Twitter meet-up) to discuss that article’s topic, answer questions and share thoughts. The series will culminate in a panel discussion with all the articles’ authors on 26th June.

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