Take part in the ‘Policing 2026’ public consultation by Monday 8 May 2017

What is it all about?

The Policing 2026 strategy outlines how Police Scotland aim to address new and changing policing demands and work more effectively with partners and the public to deliver better outcomes for individuals and communities.

Police Scotland want people, communities and our workforce to have their voices heard and is encouraging as many people as possible to get involved in the conversation.

The strategy is currently in draft form.

Police Scotland are seeking your views and input to help inform and shape the final strategy prior to publication before the summer.

How can you take part?

Police Scotland want you to have your say in shaping policing in the coming decade.

You will help building a policing service that meets the ambition of police reform and improves safety and wellbeing of communities across Scotland.

Have your say before the consultation closes on Monday 8 May 2017 (external link).

Read the draft strategy available for consultation (external link to a PDF document).

Thank you for taking part and helping to shape the future of policing in Scotland.
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Demands on policing are increasingly focused towards addressing vulnerability and the consequences of inequalities. Scotland’s communities continue to diversify and grow, and the needs of people in society are changing. We expect people will live longer and the average age of the population will rise. Mental health issues will be more common, as will isolation through living alone particularly for elderly women and young men. Policing must evolve and we must continue to design our services around citizen and community needs with a focus on prevention and protection in the public, private and virtual space.

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