Climate Emergency Action

Merchiston Community Council declares a climate and ecological emergency

  • In recognition of ever-increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere and the ever-greater number of species under threat of extinction around the world;
  • following a similar declaration by the City of Edinburgh Council in February 2019; and
  • and in anticipation of the imminent publication of the Edinburgh 2030 Climate Strategy —

Merchiston Community Council declares a climate and ecological emergency.

In passing this declaration, Merchiston Community Council commits to act accordingly in all areas of its business but especially in its responses to City of Edinburgh Council and government consultations in licensing, planning and transport.

We strongly encourage suggestions from local residents as to how we can face the emergency together within our community.

16 November 2021

As a further action, Merchiston Community Council has become a signatory to the following organisations:

A presentation on Conservation and Adaptation: The challenge of insulating our houses for greater energy efficiency (PDF) by Douglas Rogers, community councillor from Marchmont & Sciennes Community Council, was given to the Merchiston Community Council

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