Revised Merchiston Conservation Area Character Appraisal

The Merchiston and Greenhill Conservation Area was originally designated in May 1986 and the first ‘character appraisal‘ for the area was approved in April 2003.

What is a conservation area character appraisal?

Conservation area character appraisals are intended to help manage change. They provide an agreed basis of understanding of what makes an area special. This understanding informs and provides the context in which decisions can be made on proposals which may affect that character.

The Consultation

The Merchiston Conservation Area Character Appraisal has recently been revised and is available as a MS Word document file from the City of Edinburgh Council website:

As an alterternative, we have made a copy in PDF format that you can read below. Unfortunately, the revised document does not explicitly indicate what revisions have been made.

The City of Edinburgh Council is seeking views on the revised Character Appraisal with a deadline of 31 December 2021. You can give feedback via the CEC consultation hub:

Online Survey

For more details and background, see the Merchiston and Greenhill Conservation Area Character Appraisal Revision webpage.

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