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Autumn vegetable harvest
Photo by Edinburgh Garden Partners

Do you have lots of space in your garden that you can’t quite cope with? Maybe Edinburgh Garden Partners (EGP) can help.

Owner and volunteer in garden with vegetables
Photo by Edinburgh Garden Partners

EGP connects garden owners with volunteers looking for a space to grow vegetables or fruit. The scheme is designed particularly for older people with garden space that they are no longer able to make the most of. We match garden owners with volunteers who live in their neighbourhood to turn a part of their garden into a productive growing space. We have around 40 active partnerships across Edinburgh and are always keen to reach out to new people.

We currently have several volunteers in Merchiston on our waiting list — we would really love to hear from older garden owners with space to share. Sharing a space with a volunteer from EGP is a great way to help a person in the local community who doesn’t have a garden of their own. We are not a garden maintenance service, but we do offer a chance to bring the garden to life, an opportunity to meet someone new and, if all goes well, freshly grown produce to share. 

It’s important for volunteers to have easy access to the garden, some space to grow and vegetables and fruit, and access to water. But a willingness to share the space and work positively with a volunteer is the most important. EGP matches garden owners to volunteers according to where they live and their overall compatibility. We guide and support both owner and volunteer to establish a mutually beneficial partnership. This includes making a written agreement which sets healthy boundaries and shared expectations for what can be achieved.

If this is of interest to you or someone you know, contact Edinburgh Garden Partners on 0131 3470529 or email

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