The legalities of drone flying in Scotland.

Following an enquiry to the Neighbourhood Watch Scotland office with regards the use of drones over residential areas a number of information links that may be useful have been gathered together.

The situation that was reported is that a drone was being flown at a low level over residential gardens in the Stirling area. There are many issues around the legality of this kind of activity, danger to safety and also privacy.

The body that has responsibility for the licensing and training of drone pilots and the registration of the drone is the Civil Aviation Authority. When it comes to privacy and use of data the Information Commissioners Office have responsibility for this area.

Report any dangerous or potential misuse of a drone to Police Scotland on Tel 101. In the above mentioned scenario Police Scotland reacted in a positive and supportive way to the person reporting the incident from the call handler to the officers visiting the home address to take details of the incident.

The below links will take you relevant information.

Flying Drones and Model Aircraft Civil Aviation Authority

Information for the Public Civil Aviation Authority

Privacy and Data Use Information Commissioners Office

The Drone Code

Neighbourhood Watch Scotland hope you find this information informative and useful in the event of an incident happening in your area.
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