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The Polwarth Roundabout report is finished

And now the hard part starts

Merchiston Community Council is glad to announce that its report on the Polwarth Roundabout is now complete and has been submitted to the City of Edinburgh Council. 

You can find the final report at this link.

It now includes a report from Police Scotland, a new section on implementation, and various annexes with data and details.  Residents’ comments have also been worked into the final version.

We are grateful for all the support we’ve had from you, our residents, and also from our Ward Councillors.  They have described the report as ‘excellent’, ‘comprehensive’ and ‘illuminating’.

Cllr Neil Ross says:
I share your concerns and support the measures highlighted to improve safety.

Cllr Ben Parker says:
I’m certainly very supportive and [would like to discuss] how we could advance this.”

Council officers have commended Merchiston Community Council on its engagement with the community.  They have not identified any points which are at odds with their wider policies.  They are, predictably and understandably, concerned about resources and have made clear that the Council’s current programmes (for 20-minute neighbourhoods and junction improvement) are all full, their participants having been decided some time ago.  Their budgets are very tight.

Patience seems to be the watchword.  Councillors are certain that improvements will take place, though they cannot say exactly when. 

Meantime, we have more work to do.  Once Council officers confirm that our recommendations are in line with their wider policies, we plan to approach the active travel organisation Sustrans for funding for design work and costings.  Sustrans runs grant programmes on a regular basis and we need to be ready to apply as soon as the next programme opens. 

We will also be drawing the attention of local media to our report.  So, watch out for some coverage in Edinburgh Live and similar outlets.  If any of you would like to help us with any of this, we’d be delighted: simply write to us at the project contact address

We will also be giving all the roundabout businesses a short update on the project and ensuring them that we have taken on board their various concerns, notably about space for loading/ unloading. 

Community-driven improvement projects are never quick.  Thank you again for staying the course with us so far.  We hope we can count on your continued support and involvement as we try to move this project forward to completion.

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  1. I think we have far too many students. We should not have to build more flats for students but delay taking more students. Also I would like to ask when are roads and pavements around Merchiston and Polwarth area going to be repaired Absolutely shocking state where people especially elderly have to pray they get home in one piece. I don’t live in that area but but visit various places

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