Transforming the Pavilion Café into a Community Hub

From the voice of Pavilion Community Hub, we are reaching out to you with a proposal for collaboration! An exciting new project is emerging to transform the Pavilion café into a community hub and garden for organisations and individuals to come together for common good! We are very excited about this project and hope you will be too!

 We will be posting more details as they come.

Here is a bit more info on the garden project and what you can do:

Hello from, ReRooting Cooperative! We are a new start up that is providing edible and ecological/sustainable greenspace design inspired by permaculture ethics. We are currently designing the garden space of the Pavilion Café in collaboration with Amanda (Pavilion Cafe runner) to create a permaculture community garden that holds space for wildlife, education, community food growing, nature connection as well as permaculture demonstrations. We are identifying local groups and communities that would potentially want to use the garden space or the produce that comes from it to see how we can design with the people’s intentions at heart.

To help us gather all the important information we have created a short survey. If you could fill this out it would help our process very much!

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