‘What Keeps You Sharp?’ Heriot-Watt University research survey

What Keeps You Sharp? survey launched

People often think of changes in their thinking skills with age in terms of decline.

While some people do experience these changes, others do not.

What Keeps You Sharp? is a nationwide survey being led by researchers at Heriot-Watt University about your beliefs and attitudes to how thinking skills might change with age.

Heriot-Watt University researchers also want to know if you think there are things we can do to maintain or improve thinking skills as we grow older.

How to take part

Before completing the survey you will have the opportunity to read more about it and you can contact the research team at any time if you have questions.

If you’re aged 40 or over and living in the UK complete the survey online (external link).

If you would rather complete the survey on paper, you can print the PDF document further below, or request copies with a prepaid envelope to be sent to you (email healthyageing@hw.ac.uk or call 0131 451 8009).

You can also request large print versions of the survey.

Help spread the word

Heriot-Watt University researchers want to reach as broad an audience as possible.

Please do share the survey among your friends and family and any groups you might be associated with.

Let us know if you would like us to send copies of the survey directly to your networks.

What keeps you sharp 2016 survey (PDF)

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