What’s happening to the Pavements in Polwarth? An update on the Polwarth Pavements Project and the council’s work along Polwarth Gardens.


So much money spent, so little achieved

 Many of you have been asking about the works underway at the roundabout.

This project is about resurfacing the pavements.  Only that.  Nothing more. The City Council decided to press ahead with this work, at substantial expense, despite pleas from Merchiston Community Council to delay the work at the roundabout while further consideration was given to our proposals for more radical and lasting improvements.  The Council refused our request.

So, the net result will be smoother pavements, plus one new lamp-post.  Nice, but not amazing.  What will not be achieved are any of the really important improvements we advocated for, on the basis of the consultation we carried out with residents last year.  So,

  • No increase in pavement space or ‘public realm’
  • No improvements to pedestrian crossings
  • No on-road provision for cyclists
  • No cycle hangars
  • No ‘T’ junction to interrupt the north/south rat-run along Yeaman Place & Polwarth Crescent
  • No restraint on vehicle speed
  • No curbs on cut-through lorry traffic
  • No improvements on loading space for businesses

The railings – a 50-year-old design which encourages cars to speed and offers little protection for pedestrians – are being reinstated.  We wanted much wider pavements and the removal of ugly pavement clutter.  Instead, the contractors have repositioned an empty pole, right on the pavement near Margiotta!

 And your point is….?!

 Your community council continues to press the Council for action on all these points.  We are at a loss to understand why the Council would spend so much money to achieve so little, given the clear need for more comprehensive change at the roundabout.

We recently secured some coverage in the Evening News, available here –


The City Council have announced a new ‘local traffic improvement’ programme which we will try to enter; and Cllr Ben Parker mentioned our project at a recent meeting of the Transport and Environment Committee.

We will build on these positive developments as effectively as we can.  

When the works are complete, you will see MCC members out and about at the roundabout, continuing the campaign for real change.

You can write to your councillors about this at https://www.writetothem.com/.  

We encourage you to do so.

 The Polwarth Pavements Team at MCC.

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